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Acne Treatment

Male Focused Acne Treatment – Denver, CO

No matter what you have tried in the past, no matter how severe your acne is, The Medical Man Cave is dedicated to clearing your complexion. Our certified specialists treat retention hyperkeratosis, commonly call acne. If you have been prescribed Proactive, antibiotics, retinoids, Accutane, over the counter or natural remedies or all six, and your skin doesn’t clear or it doesn’t remain clear, then its time to to get a custom acne treatment that takes your particular skin type and particular acne type into account, and is administered by a specialist who will work with and coach you every step of the way.


Are Prescriptions or OTC Drugs Not Working?

Have you tried all the OTC medications or seen other providers for your acne? If you are not happy with your results, let the specialist at Medical Man Cave address your acne.Wee an aggressive approach to treating acne because we want to clear your skin and give you your confidence back! Even more importantly, we want to prevent scarring. Remember, scarring is for LIFE! Our patients trust The Medical Man Caves’ expertise in addressing specific concerns with personalized treatment plans to achieve desired results.


Why See The Medical Man Cave Acne Specialist?

At the Medical Man Cave, our Acne Specialist will design a personalized plan using prescription-grade medications and products to clear your skin within 3-4 months. We will also educate you about aggravating factors that worsen your acne. We also offer different approaches to improving acne scarring and overall skin appearance. Give us the chance to give you the skin you have always wanted.

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