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Manscaping – Denver, CO

Men of All Ages Are Manscaping With Laser Hair Removal

Manscaping has become synonymous with male grooming. Men from 18 to well into their 50’s and 60’s are now searching for a more permanent method to rid their bodies of unsightly hair from their head to their toes (and everywhere in between). Waxing can be very painful and shaving can be very tedious, messy and itchy, not to mention the left over ingrown hairs.

There is no one single type of man that desires to be smooth and hair free. Male body builders, swimmers, cyclists, tri-athletes and models have been manscaping for years, but with the onset of laser hair removal over the past few years, men from all walks of life are now enjoying the benefits of this amazing procedure.


Get Rid of Your Hair!

Maybe you are one of the men described above, maybe you work in an office all day long and never walk into a gym, maybe you have suddenly found yourself on the single scene, or maybe you’ve been married for years. It really doesn’t matter where you are in life, but you have found yourself much more conscientious about your appearance and that hair that seems to be in the strangest or even most familiar places. One thing every man seems to have in common…..they want to get rid of the hair.


Areas We Most Commonly Treat

Let us get right to the point and list every single body area we treat. The scalp, ears, nose, beard, neck, nape, chest, abs, shoulders, back, arms, hands and fingers, underarms, buttocks including the anal area, full male bikini including the penis and scrotum, full legs, feet and toes. The Medical Man Cave laser specialists are considered the experts in treating ALL male body parts. We understand that talking about treating the “private” areas can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but our laser specialists are professional and very good at making our male clients completely comfortable.


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We hope we’ve covered the most important facts for you. We know you will have other questions and we will cover all of these during our complimentary consultation. After you have consulted with one of our laser specialists you will understand the laser process, the cost and you will also know what the treatment will feel like after we do a test spot on you.

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