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Capillus Laser Cap

Capillus® Laser Therapy – Denver, CO

Laser hair therapy is now available at The Medical Man Cave. This revolutionary new non-surgical treatment option stops the progression of hair loss, making it easier to achieve natural results with hair transplants and other non-surgical treatments. You are sure to love laser hair therapy, because it is proven to create thicker and fuller hair without the need for surgery or topical foams.

Capillus® laser caps are a new was to enjoy laser hair therapy in the comfort of your own home. Denver patients will love this state of the art method of non-surgical hair restoration. Proven, safe, and effective, no other laser cap outperforms the Capillus272™ Pro. Now available under the expert guidance of Dr. Motarjeme.


Hair Therapy with Laser Caps

Stop the progression of hair loss while fueling your scalp with the key ingredients for thicker, fuller hair. Hair therapy with laser caps is a simple yet effective way to encourage natural hair growth through better circulation, nutrient delivery, and hair follicle health.


Improve Circulation

Laser caps leverage the power of low level laser therapy (LLLT), an established medical technology that is known to improve circulation throughphototherapy. Phototherapy occurs when low level laser light penetrates the cells of the scalp, increasing cellular activity and the potential for growth.


Increase Nutrient Availability

Experience higher levels of oxygen, nutrients, and other growth factors delivered directly to each hair follicle. Better blood flow carries these key ingredients directly to the scalp, creating ideal conditions for naturally long and thick hair growth.


Fortify Follicle Health

With laser therapy caps like the Capillus272™ Pro, individual hair follicles are given the fundamental building blocks needed to improve health and vitality.

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