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Saggy Arms

Arm Toning – Denver, CO

Traditionally, the upper arms can be one of the hardest areas of the body to keep toned and contoured. Even for patients who do not have a lot of excess fat, ‘bingo wings’ may be present to some extent. This is especially true for women, who is more likely to have a lower body weight, but is more likely to have a high blood pressure.

For men who are wanting to remove fat from the arms, liposuction is the most effective way of doing so. Liposuction would be easy to get rid of, and will only be allowed to be concealed. However, traditional liposuction is not without its problems, as the fat is drawn out through a suction cannula which can be traumatic to the tissues.

Vaser liposuction, however, is an innovative surgical system of fat removal that eliminates the need for it.


How Does VASER Liposuction Work?

During Vaser treatment, the fat is first emulsified via small probes emitting ultrasound energy, which liquefies it and allows it to be sucked out through a cannula very easily. The ultrasound energy vibrates the fat cells and disrupts them without damaging any adjacent tissue. In this way it is only the fat cells themselves which are disrupted. The fat removal is carried out with fine cannulas but since the fat has been emulsified this removal is very gentle and more precise which allows delicate contouring and enhances the definition of the underlying normal shapes and curves of the body.


What Are The Results?

The main consideration is whether the skin is too loose for Vaser liposuction alone and whether skin needs to be removed. Although Vaser has a skin retraction effect there are many individuals in whom this will be insufficient and a Brachioplasty with a resulting longer scar will be required. This will be carefully assessed at your consultation with Dr. Motarjeme.


The Recovery Process

The recovery after the procedure is only a few days but a compression garment will need to be worn for between 3 to 6 weeks dependent on the amount of fat removal. There may be some bruising and this may last 2 weeks. You will need to refrain from upper body exercise for 6 weeks. The best results are seen between 3 to 6 months since it takes time for the tissues to settle and the skin to retract.

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