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Skin Lesions

Skin Lesion Treatment – Denver, CO

Skin lesions come in numerous shapes, colors, sizes, and types, and millions of people have skin lesions. Many types of lesions are perfectly harmless—birthmarks, for instance, are considered a type of skin lesion.

Other types may require treatment, which can include home care, medication, or surgery. Our experienced medical staff can diagnose and help treat a comprehensive selection of common and complex skin lesions. If you have noticed a skin abnormality, we encourage you to reach out to our skilled team for more information or to schedule a consultation.


When To Seek Treatment

Any new lesion, growing lesion, a lesion that bleeds, itches or changes color should be addressed by a dermatology provider. Most skin lesions require no medical intervention and are harmless. However, any lesion that is new or growing in size, a lesion that bleeds, itches or changes color or shape should be addressed by a dermatology provider. In some cases, a biopsy may be recommended to ensure that the lesion is not cancerous.


Lesions that are irritated by clothing or shaving/grooming may also be removed with a simple surgical excision. We understand finding a strange growth or discovering a patch of skin with an unusual appearance can be distressing. That is why the Medical Man Cave will get you in for an examination quickly…no waiting 3-4 weeks to be seen! Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation.

Skin Lesion Consultation

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